Entry #9

It seems that my glory days are over

2009-09-21 23:42:05 by Retrato

Not that anyone is going to read this but...I guess all of my old Newgrounder friends are gone...either that or they have forgoten about me, I guess I caught a lot of attention when I was the leader of the Hayabusa Clan but those days are over...the Clan was to stop spammers but we ended up becoming ones ourselfs, but the people within the clan...we were all friends and I miss those comments and PM's.

Well, I'll still be here on newgrounds from time to time so if you want old friends and new ones leave me a comment or send me a PM I'll be happy to have a nice conversation here again :)

Hayabusa Forever?


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2009-09-26 21:19:18

As the only person from the hayabusa clan that talks to Retrato on a daily basis, I'd just like to say:

Shame on you guys. That's no way to treat your leader.

Hayabusa Forever!

Retrato responds:

You were one of the 3 best hayabusa members...and your mah best online buddy ^^

...Enough said I guess..


2009-10-17 22:02:36

I wern't even in the fucking clan, but any friend of Capn and Pear's is a friend of mine.

So yeah...Hayabusa forever?

Retrato responds:

CapnChaos and Pearlock were Elites in the Hayabusa clan, Im sure you would had been a good member if you would had joined ;)


2009-10-31 12:21:37

Hey pal. remember me.
sorry i havent talked to you in...ever.
my computer is coput
i probably wont be able to tAlk to u again in a while.
seeya bud.

Retrato responds:

Oh...heh its ok man, I'm bearly on anymore either x3


2009-11-10 20:56:48

Dude, so much shit has happened since we chatted.
Ill start.
Im actually 14.
I was on the news because i killed someone in self defense 3 months ago.
My parents got divorced.
Im cool and rich
im not trying to get attention anymore, so i havent been doing much, ever.
You can also check out some of my youtube videos.
the account name is passthechedder.
Woo.....ok your turn.

Retrato responds:

Two or three years later and you're still the same liar...sigh.


2010-02-14 08:52:28


Retrato responds:



2010-03-22 16:03:36

Dame... I miss U....

Retrato responds:

When Bruce Willies was dead at the end of sixth sense I jizzed in my pants.


2010-04-11 13:27:51

i havn't 4gotten!matter a fact i was thinkin bout it the other day.

Retrato responds:

Were we talking about world domination?
Lmao, if so you can cancel the plans really...I'm not interested in anything, screw the spammers, screw Clan flashes, it's all over.

I'm a new man NewgroundsDummie, The Hayabusa Clan is over.
Hell even some of the old spammers in Newgrounds are my friends now.
At least they don't spam as much as they used too, also I don't have crappy spelling anymore PLUS I'm not an asshole anymore either :D


2010-04-13 00:53:23

I'm here between travels. I haven't forgotten about you or the Haybusa Clan. And I hope the Hayabusa Clan hasn't forgotten it's Master Chief.
As soon as my studies end for the year at the beginning of the summer, I'll be on here much more.

Retrato responds:

Well I haven't forgotten, and I bet the other Clan members haven't...well ex since the Hayabusa Clan is no more, we can talk about this when you have time MC xD


2010-05-18 10:41:01

Dude theres something in your kitchen o.o

Retrato responds:

Wow wtf, where the hell did you come from? xD


2010-08-15 00:47:36

Hayabusa Forever, amigo!

Retrato responds:

Umm...heheh, Thanks whoever you are :D


2010-08-15 00:57:45

Dang.. I miss the clan and speaking to you too xD I'm not the same shy, little girl I used to be before becoming inactive :P I may delete this one or something soon..

Retrato responds:

Oh, I've been pretty inactive too. Sorry for being so bossy in the past, I'm not the same either :)


2010-08-20 23:22:24

Mano Hayubusa Forever LOL!

Retrato responds:

Lol, Rofl, Lmao, Roflmao


2010-10-09 05:53:06

poop o-o

Retrato responds:



2010-10-11 16:38:20

I say that if u look under your bed u will find a thingy, a really long thingy that is really scary that i dont know why is there but it belongs to my friend's dog and i dont even know why a dog has a long thing like that. So u will need to talk to Obama so u can send that long thing to Quebec so the people that sell drugs get it and give it back to my friend's dog.

PS. Clean your hands after your touch that long thing cus that long thing has been in awful places that i dont want to speak up but i have heard it has been inside the dog and dont ask how the dog eat it cus it wont be funny and also it wont be funny how the dog took it out of his body. So take it to the mail box and write : To the dog that belong this long thing from Retrato. And the dog will write u back o.o cus his my friend too, he speaks spanish so talk to him. LOL

Retrato responds:

I'll do it!


2012-03-02 21:36:49


Retrato responds:

Green Eggs and Ham


2012-07-22 17:08:22

Have you been on since 09?

Retrato responds:

Wat ;D


2012-07-22 17:08:46

lol i meant this year

Retrato responds:

Sure have, sorry for the late response xD


2013-12-17 12:46:54

remember me?

Retrato responds:



2014-03-18 19:34:58

"Retrato responds:
You were one of the 3 best hayabusa members...and your mah best online buddy ^^
...Enough said I guess.."

Oh god men so much has happened since then.

Retrato responds:

Wow, men. Where the hell did you pull that out of? A time capsule? It doesn't seem like TOO much has changed though. You're still my best online buddy <3


2014-04-06 02:13:00

hey dudeee I have no clue if you remember me or not, just randomly remembered you and decided to say hi :D add me on skype or something yo i go by detrimentalist now (gingamentalist on skype)

Retrato responds:

How could I ever forget you, man xD I remember our Roblox shenanigans and what not. I'll add you on Skype soon enough.


2014-08-15 18:57:20

you need to get on more i miss all my friends

(Updated ) Retrato responds:

I don't think we were ever friends, I don't remember us ever meeting...


2014-08-15 22:03:28

oh well im not telling you if you cant remember oh well cya

Retrato responds:

Alright then, bye. o.o


2014-09-13 01:57:14



2014-09-23 19:50:57


Retrato responds:

Are you fucking serious? I don't remember you, man. Get over it.


2014-09-24 21:53:23

Fine get over that you are a dick and nobody likes you.

Retrato responds:

If you say so


2015-04-23 15:27:02


Retrato responds:



2017-01-21 23:15:31

Hayabusa forever!